Events for 6 or 6,000

Speaking to diverse audiences from intimate dinners for six, or to international conferences for a thousand, Mary Sue Siegel, an energetic, funny, bold and warm woman can bring out the best qualities in the people she meets.

Born on the Midwest Prairies of North America, an unusual blending of five cultures, sailing across the North Atlantic and living in the Netherlands for 3 decades, this actress/therapist/coach/motivational speaker/ultimate storyteller dives into the existential waters to bring you an unforgettable day or evening.

Blending Performance with Training
Combined with her uncanny ability to tune into the themes of your work, she jumps boldly into the flow. Her unique combination of performance with the wide variety of workshops she offers: Life Crisis, Caring for yourself as you care for others, Storytelling from the Heart (learn how to tell and structure your own personal stories), In Relationship (how you function in work and personal life), Finding your own life path, Time and Stress Management, Working from Integrity, make for a satisfying and memorable meeting.

Her stories deal with integrity, transformation, crisis, middle-aged love, inner and outer adventure, disappointment, lying and truth-telling in the public arena. She invites her audiences to leave their heads and move down into their hearts.