• Do you need an unusually vibrant addition to your conference, congress or team building event?

  • Are you looking for someone who can tie together the themes you have been working with all week?

  • Are you searching for a special element at dinner to turn the conversation consistently towards the deeper layers of existence?

  • Do you need someone to open your confernce with power, humor and energy?

Mary Sue Siegel may be the very person you are looking for to bring these qualities to your gatherings.

Building on Your Themes

One of her specialities is to appear just before dinner, between each course, and then after dinner. Each time she appears, she builds on the themes of your special event: supporting each other, truth, destiny, hard work, integrity, sending clear messages, setting boundaries, the great mystery of life. Her large body of stories and her extensive practice in individual and group pyschotherapy add a depth to her work that is deeply satisfying and productive.